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Wakizashi Short Sword 60cm 27.5in

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Wakizashi Short Sword 60cm 27.5in

Expected release date is Jun 1st 2017

The Wakizashi is an oriental inspired short sword that was once wielded by the Samurai warrior and assassins alike. The polyurethane foam handle was cast then hand painted. The slightly curled blade has a single cutting edge and was intended to withstand hash larp combat. Length: 60cm



Epic Armoury’s Dai Katana is a latex-hybrid sword featuring a distinctive Asian appearance with a squared guard. The sword is 60 cm long from tip to pommel, with a slender, single-edged blade. The long detailed handle accommodates hands and a firm, comfortable grip while on the battlefield. The handle is cast and painted to look like fabric bound in a diamond patterned menuki-style.

Whether you are a honorable samurai or sneaky ninja, this Nodachi is our highest quality gear due to its impressive durability and detail. The blade is made from closed cell foam around a fiberglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, while the handle is a polyurethane foam cast that allows for greater detail and no maintenance. This hybrid model sword will make you confident in the safety and appeal of your weapon on the battlefield.


Brand: Epic Armoury - Hybrids
Weight: tbd
Length cm: 60
Grip length cm: tbd
Blade length cm: tbd
Blade width max: 6,00
Width cm: 10,00



  • Nodachi means “field sword” in Japanese
  • Required extensive training to be used correctly
  • Considered a symbol of skill and status, made to look dangerous in the hands of elite troops
  • Typically used for ceremonies, duelling and calvarymen due to its long blade size
This hybrid weapon’s handle does not require any special maintenance, while the blade has a latex coating which needs a certain degree of maintenance. For this we recommend using maintenance silicone, which can be purchased separately in the LARP Accessories section. Epic Armoury Maintenance Silicone is an easy, spray-on application, 100% pure and acid-free making it safe to apply. We recommend using Maintenance Silicone on a regular basis, taking care not to apply the spray to the handle by first wrapping it in plastic-wrap. It maintains the latex-coat’s flexibility and prevents it from drying out, keeping the product wear and tear resistant. Store your weapon flat or on its pommel--NEVER on its tip. Use a simple sheet or towel lining to prevent it from touching a plastic or rubber surface to prevent your weapon from adhering to other products. Keep your weapon in a cool, dry environment. Blade has a strong latex coating with a round fibreglass core Strong Kevlar core tip protection Blade is made from durable closed cell foam that does not shred Handle is a polyurethane foam cast, giving it more detail with no maintenance! Handle is very durable, will last longer than a latex version, and is less slippery than a silicone treated alternative High safety, approved by the top organizations