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Metallic Bullseye Modular Larp Arrowhead is a culmination of years of Larp Arrowhead research and design.

The metallic Bullseye Modular Larp Arrowhead is a culmination of years of Larp Arrowhead research and design. Being larp hosts ourselves, we came up with this design to meet the challenges facing players and hosts in today's Live Action Roleplay society. 

It took us almost 7 years, 9 design changes and thousands of tests from larpers around the world to perfect the best modular larp arrowhead. This design is safe, meeting even the strictest LarpCraft arrowhead safety standards and measurements yet it's so efficient it flies FURTHER than most (or all) of the other flat-tipped arrowheads on the market today.

We've all seen it... someone spends a good chunk of change on a brand new set of larp arrows, only to have the shafts bent or broken after one game. That is a major bummer and it happens almost every game so we made the Bullseye modular. When someone bends or breaks your arrow shaft, simple unscrew the arrowhead and toss it on a new shaft. Over time, the Bullseye Modular Larp Arrowhead will save a larp archer tons of cash by just needing to replace the shaft instead of buying all new larp arrows. 

We pride ourselves in making the Bullseye the best arrowhead a larp archer can buy!

Bullseye Modular Larp Arrowhead Features:

  • 4 part design with all but the steel blunt being visible at the end (for easier admin inspection & approval). 
  • Full 2.75" (6.985cm) LarpCraft Complaint Width 
  • 4" Tall (10.16cm)
  • About 1oz in weight (36g)
  • Open-cell tip optional, Super-Soft skinned tip standard (passes as open cell) but with more abrasion resistance and less debris pickup making them safer.
  • 35lb Max Draw @ 28+" Draw
  • Fully Customizable Coloring
  • Steel blunt (about the size of a penny) welded to a steel shaft.(70 Ton Tensile Strength)
  • Strong rubber core
  • Meets or exceeds all Larp game requirements we've ever encountered

Safety Precautions - 

This foam arrowhead should not be shot out of a bow exceeding 35lb draw. The arrowhead can handle far greater velocity, but humans can't. Always wear eye protection with any game that involves any flying projectile including these arrowheads (like a helm, because waylay and such ;)) Always make sure foam tip is clean before letting 'er fly.

Always supervise youngsters. Always check with local laws pertaining to bows before using these tips. Never fully draw any bow at close range to avoid injury. Use your head and think before you release.  

Until we shoot the new video, here is the review on the other arrowheads on the store right now. 

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